AWS 认证考试(Tips)


前段时间通过了AWS 的 Certified Developer (DVA-C01)的认证考试。满分1000,得了900多分,感觉可以了。在此总结一下:

I’ve spent around a month to study for this exam, since I didn’t take the Solutions Architect (SAA) prior to this, while Developer Associate is definitely harder than SAA.

My Preparations:

  • Read all whitepapers and take notes

  • Watch a lot of re:Invent videos

  • Practice Exams (5 - 6 sets), and heavily review them afterwards

  • Take notes, and review frequently (40k words of notes in total)

Some topics from the exam:

  • IAM Role Policy (GetRole & PassRole)
  • S3 Encryption & KMS (Encryption in general)
  • Cognito use cases (with hands-on experience)
  • AWS CLI for development
  • VPC & Network connectivity
  • X-Ray & CloudWatch
  • SNS & Event sources to trigger Lambda (Push)

网上 Udemy, A Cloud Guru 的模拟题都不错。真正考试的时候 (Online Proctored)需要清空桌上一切物品,不允许有笔,水杯,草稿纸也不行。另外坑爹的 Pearson OnVue, 和 Catalina OS 不兼容,也绝对禁止虚拟机,于是最后用的 Win 10。

过两天有空会写下 AWS Security 方面的神器 -- Zelkova (基于 Automated Reasoning, SMT)。或许是我对阿里云无知,但阿里云在安全方面,和 AWS 差得不是一星半点。

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